Valentines Inspiration

Be Inspired by Love



Remember where you first met your loved one? That one time you took a trip to the big city and it rained the whole time? Those are the moments that will always fill you with memories of love and this valentines day, why not include a photo frame of your favourite picture together....or a photo album if you can't pick just one? Spend the night looking through the photos, and reliving them together. 


If your valentine has a sense of humour, we've got plenty of knick-knacks to tickle their funny bone! 


Try something simple but sweet, 
a single rose with a Swarovski crystal bracelet.... it's sends a gentle message of love that is undeniable. Certain to bring a smile and a warm feeling of joy to anyone who receives it.


Know someone who is always going for the alternative - not one for tradition? We encourage that! It's always fun to stand out -with our terrariums consisting of eternal roses and air plants you can do just that! Be bold, be different, and show your eternal love in a unique and beautiful way.



There is nothing wrong with being a little cliché or traditional when it comes to valentines day. A gorgeous Swarvoski crystal necklace to pair with a dozen red roses is the perfect piece to put your gift over the top. Your valentine will sparkle from the inside out, with any piece from our collection! 


Another tradition for valentines day is a stuffed animal...but how can you resist! The best thing about a stuffed animal is that you can give them to anyone on your valentines list, they're perfect for everyone! Take home one, two or maybe three! An adorable gesture on their own, they also pair perfectly with a few heart shaped balloons or a bouquet of roses.