Rental Specials

We have many items at our shop to rent for your parties, weddings and events! Below are our featured items that are renting for a special price for a limited time! These items can range from linen to vases and everything in between! Be sure to check up regularly as we are always rotating these deals and offering new ones! Don't miss out! 


Six Arm Candle Holder

This candle holder comes in gold, silver, or black. A gorgeous piece on it's own, or a stunning centrepiece with some incorporated floral.  This piece can be very versatile, and work with many different themes of weddings or events!

Original Price Per Unit:


Patterned Urn

This small urn gives quite the statement with its imprinted pattern and gorgeous details. The possibilities of design are endless with his urn, as it can be filled with many different things, be over flowing with floral, or left on it's own - stunning no matter how you use it. This urn can come in many different colours, the most popular being silver, gold, white or black.

Original Price Per Unit:


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